Xiamen R & D launched the first illegal website domain name

China Telecom Xiamen branch four disclosure, the company has taken the lead in the development of China’s first launch of the illegal site for the first time in real time, wanted blacklist of domain name monitoring system.

through the advanced information technology of this system, can be included in the blacklist of vulgar website domain name round patrol and access analysis, the implementation of twenty-four hours real-time monitoring. Once the IP address listed in the blacklist is connected to the telecommunication network, the alarm is sent out immediately. Telecom staff will respond in the first time, illegal access to take net treatment to prevent illegal websites. The system has been implemented in nine cities in Fujian province.

Xiamen telecom company, as of February 27th, they have been through the system found two illegal websites in the blacklist by modifying the DNS, four illegal domain using the Internet access service provider network access situation. They were immediately removed after the discovery of network processing, and blacklist information submitted to the relevant departments.

allegedly, the system will be gradually promoted nationwide, to ensure that illegal websites nowhere to hide".

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