On the commercial consciousness of Chinese stationmaster from Lin Miaoke event

August 8, 2008 evening at 8 o’clock in the grand opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in the twenty-ninth world, the red girl Lin Miaoke’s song "singing the motherland" attracted the attention of millions of viewers. She is beautiful and melodious singing music, deeply touched every kindness and peace loving people all over the world. I believe that every one is watching the opening of friends are out in the same question: who is this girl? But at the same time, the Internet seems to have brought about this girl has a large search and discussion. When I learned from the red Post Bar lovely girl named Lin Miaoke to view associated with the name of the domain name, so I be startled at is found the early fast to bound the suddenness of "linmiaoke.com", "linmiaoke.net", "linmiaoke.cn", "linmiaoke.com.cn", "linmiaoke.net.cn", "linmiaoke.org.cn and other related domain names all registered, visible sensitive business sense.

and when I enter the URL www.linmiaoke.com once again surprised to find Lin Miaoke’s Chinese network has been set up by Lin Miaoke’s fans, and has collected a lot of first-hand information about Lin Miaoke, a lot of information on the Internet is to find the powder silk on the visible Lin Miaoke high enthusiasm. And this group claiming to be a fan of Lin Miaoke, has been known as the "wonderful family", and at this time, the word "wonderful" moment in every corner of the internet. The wonderful family forum bbs.linmiaoke.com became a "wonderful family" communication discussion front of Lin Miaoke, and at the same time a new member of the camp, all the information about Lin Miaoke, background, family, past filmed advertising and TV has become a hot topic for discussion.

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