The traditional model of three major bottlenecks in deep plowing period dating sites


China Economic Weekly reporter Li Fengtao Intern I Beijing reported

January 25, 2013, is commissioned by third parties to conduct a financial audit of the lily network was set off a wave of "seek listing" report. Since May 11, 2011, Jiayuan (DATE. NQ) in the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Exchange since listing, as the second major domestic dating sites, any slight movement will be listed Lenovo to everyone.

broke the news on the same day, Lily network founder, CEO Tian Fanjiang clarified to the media: third party financial audit just out of the need for the company’s internal financial norms, and no direct relationship with IPO. He told the China Economic Weekly, said: the current Lily network, compared with the listing, our primary task is to increase the business needs of the marriage network."

Lily network opened chain store


Tian Fanjiang, a refined and cultured man, gentle and humble appearance hides a brave heart.

2011, when the network of false information raging, he was the first implementation of the marriage website real name system, requiring all members to make friends in real terms.

in 2012, when members of dating sites slowed, he was playing the dating idea, determined in the country to build hundreds of known as the "lily network marriage service center chain store matchmaking.

"you see those rooms there, we are inside the matchmaker provide specific services for customers." Lily network headquarters in Beijing City, Chaoyang District, pointing to a piece of office area of the China Economic Weekly reporter said.

in the view of Tian Fanjiang, Lily network has with 42 million members, but 199 yuan per person per year yuan ~499 online charging mode but also close to the bottleneck. He has been thinking, how to provide better service to members, while making more money?

as early as the second half of 2010, Lily network decided to part of the office of the company headquarters to create a blind spot. In a comfortable sofa intimate environment, single people can enjoy sipping tea and one of the matchmaker service. Although this line of service charges than online dating is much higher, but in many single men, spend a few thousand dollars or even million to find a right partner is very cost-effective.

2011, Lily network will be large-scale development of love and marriage services under this line, in the form of stores in the country to add 10 new marriage service center, and in 2012 and then increased by 35.

The rapid development of

is bound to bring down the quality. 2012, this line of store production model has been criticized by users, Lily network caught selling membership information public opinion whirlpool.

in the second half of 2012, many members of the lily network posted on the Internet, he said

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