The anger of the owners

Buddha said:

sin sin!! send this phrase to those angry webmaster! Although not sensible, love young cynic, there is something wrong with my point, let the dog relative. Yesterday I heard a faint moan, "what do you need to know about the grassroots webmaster," Li Dianxin wrote, not that I love to criticize him, but I don’t think he’s talking about it. Today, I will help him to add…

no man is perfect, what kind of identity should have what kind of quality. For example, garbage webmaster, it should have the quality of garbage Webmaster:

1 does not have a noble idea, do is to mix some luck, out of the mix, to worship eyes.

2 no technical content, the code is downloaded to others, the content is copied, creative is disabled, set in one, perhaps you will use the money to refute, do you really make? State of denial.

3 did not cause bad heart, spam, spam, spam, and so on, it is made great efforts, in fact these are the lowest, would have the ability of thinking to write soft made news, but still relatively low-level approach.

4 does not have a strong desire to learn and low thinking, such as the same website why people earn, why is successful, he more than you do those steps. It’s usually a way of thinking about shortcuts, and it’s the most stupid way for me. Sometimes with a little clever his pulling, hidden, choking actually others had, but they do not know.

5 is not the quality of repair, take my message to refute the comparisons with the bitch, reprint article is not signed, not respect for others, for others to change the program becomes its own, shameless to network fraud.

can say a lot of things, I said you can not refute these. You have to be angry angry! Mad is to network cleaning garbage. Baidu K station I am in favor of, such as Google YAHOO search engine, what garbage are not promising. All said the network is free, to cure such disease.

I am particularly noble blog:

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