National grassroots webmaster self discipline convention

      the value of the Party Congress held on the day of the nation forward when I across the country grassroots webmaster gathered together, jointly signed parties as follows. Self Yanhuang ancestor, celebrated, life and growth in nature, inexhaustible; Wei Zai Chinese, strong grassroots, Internet sites, praise and sway; Yang wave millions, heroic times, since the beginning of the grassroots; Murphy brothers, Huayi is the same, Eagles cleaved the sky., with pentium……

      first, the party in the reform and opening up, the rapid rise in the country, the party and the country needs the Internet is not only conservative, but thousands of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, All flowers bloom together., contend, dare to create, dare to innovation. The policy did not specify what we do, we can do what the business direction is not limited, or the law is not restricted, model range is not bound, all love to Party patriotic people as the criterion, go dry, don’t be overcautious, don’t let the old idea himself stood in the way of absolute. Don’t let everyone understand mistakes on the policy of the party tied the hands and feet, what did not dare to do, what did not dare to act. To correctly grasp the party and the country’s policy, from the beginning of this Convention, to emancipate the mind, bold and enterprising, do not be afraid of this fear, life can have a few back stroke, and now do not even when?

      second, the party and the country’s policy is always open-minded, Party mentor Marx insisted to broaden their horizons, expand ideas, comrade Mao Zedong pointed out that "people talk, the sky won’t fall down," the Central Committee of the Communist Party Congress the new theme will be "open, open, China socialism fast forward is to explore, are creating with the most distinctive features to China in all aspects of economic, political, cultural, social, Chinese Communist Party summed up the past experience of the failure of Soviet socialism, on the overall control of social life by depressing social development and normal operation. Therefore, the party in seventeen, "inner-party democracy" will be a major task Chinese of reform and development, and the next development, the party will be all set of excellent strength, China grassroots webmaster to correctly know the views of the party, the party’s direction, not restrict you to do this or that. But to the idea of opening up, the pace of amplification, can open up the pace to run quickly.

      third, the direction of development of grassroots webmaster, should be to the industry, to the place, to the application of the depth of field to advance a comprehensive solution to enterprise informatization and rural informatization, the digital divide problem as the main direction for the city and the city between the city and the urban and rural areas, between urban and rural areas, the docking between the Internet and traditional enterprise frame platform, comprehensive innovation and experiment. The Internet to China people to provide richer and more nutritious food, do not provide the vulgar culture, lack of moral content, reduce violence, sex and other content, for the healthy growth of young Internet users open to escort for the elderly, blind, glaucoma, "

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