Tables com domain name auction price or over one million U S

November 21st news, recently, an investor will take out the domain name.

is reported that the domain name holder is Allen · (Aron Meystedt), he is the founder of Investments. Milstead (Aron Meystedt) said, have been offered about $2 million to buy the domain name, he refused. A few years ago, Ted Mills spent a lot of money to buy the domain name from the hands of another investor, the domain name has been registered for more than 10 years.

Milstead chose to sell the domain name at this time, mainly because the tablet market is emerging. Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle constantly warming.

tablet will be a big market of $35 billion, is expected to grow to $70 billion in 2014.

Milstead said: I think it is a good time to sell the domain name to others, because the tablet in the forefront of the industry."

once, the domain name of an English word hit record trading volume, such as, and are a few million or even tens of millions of dollars traded. Earlier this year, Citrix to $200 million to buy, which is valued at $18 million for the domain name.

a few years ago, Mills Ted bought the first Internet domain name, which was officially registered in 1985. Milstead, 31, said he did not like other investors have a domain name, he was only concerned about the 10-15 domain name.

At the beginning of

, Milstead sold to Chinese investors, and Chinese investors sold a lot of profit. Milstead said that only 676 of the 2 letters of the domain name, so demand strong. For example, American Airlines has domain name, while the United States the first Dalian lock bookstore Barnes & Noble has domain name.

Milstead said: "it seems that many people in China to buy the domain name, the two letter domain name I received at least once a week, the Chinese inquiry."

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