Robin Li outside ridicule Baidu send takeaway behind the machine learning

July 13th afternoon news, Baidu today released 2016 cloud computing strategy, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li keynote speech, he said that in the new normal, cloud computing is an important technology to improve the efficiency of the industry.

Robin Li said that Baidu was founded 16 years ago, has always been for the end users and consumers of the company, but in recent years, along with the O2O strategy deeply, Baidu has launched a cooperation with more than 300 enterprises, Baidu is also thinking about how to use Baidu’s technology, improve enterprise operational efficiency.

Baidu search, and cloud computing is naturally related, but before the cloud computing technology content is not high, until the situation has changed in recent years." Robin Li said.

The Baidu Inc

CEO further explained that the hand is a new breakthrough in technology, for example, in recent years, GPU is a large-scale alternative to CPU for storage, cloud computing technology has made new progress, unlike traditional cloud computing, cloud computing is now combined with the big data and artificial intelligence, the ability of user location user portrait. These technological changes, will bring new changes in cloud computing.

on the other hand is the development of China’s macro economy into the new normal. The so-called new normal is to rely on cheap labor to achieve rapid economic growth in the past will become the past, improve efficiency will become the key".

Robin Li also said that the outside world has laughed at Baidu takeaway commented "do others in artificial intelligence, Baidu in delivery, but the application of artificial intelligence technology is very much in the Baidu takeaway," such as the same business orders, the first delivery after delivery time, route planning, etc., are the technology of artificial intelligence that relates to the machine learning problem."

finally, Robin Li also said it would continue to open Baidu cloud technology related technologies to help companies improve operational efficiency.

it is worth mentioning that, after the end of the Robin Li speech, the head of Baidu cloud computing decided to use Baidu takeaway on the spot for the guests called 500 ice coffee.

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