Figure 2009 Wang Anhui webmaster message annual meeting

asked: Hello, I’m the PHPWIND elite salon owners HeFei Railway Station and 2009 Anhui stationmaster conference organizing committee organizers of old K, thank you for your attention and support on the Internet in Anhui, as the circle of famous Adsense. What do you say to us Anhui webmaster said


: a lot of Anhui station, or whether it is in Northern Anhui, many webmaster love alone, hope we fight a lone battle, with such a gathering a lot of communication, a lot of cooperation.

some time ago, in Mount Huangshan and Chizhou have seen a lot of personal webmaster, each region, if there is ready to organize local webmaster circle meeting, please contact me or. Get together.

: can you talk about Anhui, Hefei, how do you feel about the city?

answer: because in Chizhou, each time passing through Hefei, now the west rail line and through highway, Hefei has become the center of strategic position. Hefei old stationmaster of a lot of, from the earliest Jinbang 3tom to now many well-known commercial websites, Hefei is getting better.

Q: can you give us a brief introduction of your site? Let us know more about you?

answer: Adsense network Admin5 mainly to the webmaster and website as the center, provide information and service platform. As long as the A5 10 minutes a day to be able to stand on the day of the hottest recent webmaster circle information. As long as there are problems in A5 can be solved. A5 trading atmosphere is very strong. Thousands of daily sales and purchases of websites, domain names, and programs.

Q: can be combined with the theme of this conference, the promotion of community commerce and profitability, to talk about your opinion?

A: with the popularity of the Internet, the function of the community from entertainment to commercialization, this no doubt. Promotion: promotion of a particular group of users, more likely to form a brand. Profitability: rely on the reunion popularity, services and advertising to achieve profitability

: please give this last 09 years Anhui webmaster will say a blessing in the


. Thanks to PW and provide the conference to know some friends, exchange ideas, find some more opportunities.

thank you for your busy schedule to participate in this year’s annual meeting in Anhui, and look forward to meeting you.

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