The domestic video website listed online TV may disappear

"Dr. Moorhouse"

"I’m crazy for comedy"


"Chinese creation" or into the next suction point

in April last year, the State Administration of radio promulgated the notice stipulates: do not get the license of the film, television, animation, literature, film and television, are not allowed to spread on the internet." Reporters learned that the recent website ready to let the TV show "disappeared", and uploaded to the mainstream video sites TV only "live" in 24 hours, after 24 hours will be blocked. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the relevant responsible person said,, American copyright is too expensive, the amount of broadcast will be less and less, the concept of "Chinese are pushing to create".

"doctor Moorhouse",

"I’m crazy for comedy",

"Big Bang",


"24 hours",

"Desperate Housewives"

(play) and other popular drama will probably disappear from the video site

video site to be listed

"undocumented" drama can play

review of the State Administration of radio drama has been very strict, because many U.S. drama plot and language of the reason is very difficult to broadcast in the mainland, even if the review by the "Desperate Housewives" for translation, dubbing and other reasons also lost the drama was wonderful. However, it can not stop the Chinese fans of American TV drama popular and sought after. American TV video sites through almost simultaneously released in Europe and the United States "". Introduced in April last year the administration of radio drama broadcast a limit order ", the outside world to think TV Bo hits the video website the day become sad, but it is not the case. There is a love of American TV fans told reporters that this year is still able to see the TV synchronization on the video site, just watching the way is to "catch", that is when users upload to finish in 24 hours, otherwise it is easy to be video sites blocked, there are enthusiastic users in order to let everyone can see the TV, the TV did not shield the download and private share in 24 hours.

, however, from the beginning of the second half, the video site on American TV may be coming to an end. It is reported that recently a number of large video sites are seeking listing, listed as the website does not allow copyright dispute episodes, so in this case, the website has been quietly in the internal documents, the future copyright drama is not allowed, and a behind the company background video website has begun to make the TV show "disappeared after the spring festival". For the rumors, reporters yesterday interviewed relevant responsible person, the responsible person told reporters is completely according to the general requirement to perform, the problem will delete the video, as for drama will be "disappeared", responsible person said, are thinking of buying some American TV copyright, but the drama version >

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