Li Kaifu Citron admitted that the company was not exposed to be prosecuted


CEO Li Kaifu (Tencent science and technology innovation works with


Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) September 4th news, by attacking short agency Citron, Innovation workshop chairman Li Kaifu (micro-blog) seems to become China’s Internet spokesperson. Li Kaifu pointed out that the Citron a little obsessed to fake, fake, such behavior is to blame, Chinese hit enterprises should unite against Citron.

Citron Li Kaifu pointed out that since that will not be revealed, because they read the report of the people do not understand China, and understand China were not read the report, read may not care about, care about do not necessarily understand, understand is not necessarily willing to succeed, which is why Citron has not been charged.

Li Kaifu pointed out that short sellers and fake institutions can play a positive role, can purify the environment, expel zuojiazhe, wary of all the company. However, if such institutions obsessed with the interests and rights, and that they have left investors, they may become obsessed, to profit by fraud crackdown rush into danger. The final result is anti fake is fake.

"I suggest that investors can: 1) search mechanism and personal information (citron three times criminal record), 2) search the agency previously reported whether there is false information (in this example can be more citron)."

had been so smooth Citron recently suffered big trouble in China, not only suffered the two time Li Kaifu publicly questioned, accused of ignorance is false, China encounters to more than 60 technology entrepreneurs in a joint protest. This is also due to a recent report on the Citron Sohu.

Li Kaifu said that most of the false report is false. But the citron to the outside of a big gift, he was wrong. They said, "Sogou Pinyin search" skip threshold didn’t have to compete directly with Baidu, you can win, also a lot of basic data are 3 times worse. I believe everyone can fake him.

suffered short body blow, Chinese stocks also need to reflect. Li Kaifu said that in condemning the crackdown false + office, don’t forget, why is China company? Why takes stock? Why there are so many 2005-2010 a backdoor listing company? China enterprises need to increase the cost of fraud, the need to increase the responsibility of enterprises, society need to have the correct values.

about the Citron incident, Li Kaifu said, people often say "the fly does not bite the seamless egg, citron fraud case to prove that flies may bite the eggs, the premise is 1) said the fly eggs can get a seamless seam group, 2) and finally flies can make money with seamless. So we should support 1) who only bite seamed eggs fly, 2) the seamless and wronged eggs.


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