Amazon’s 2017 fake not flat fraud again

due to the lack of supervision, Amazon third party sellers market thousands of "money is not shipping" fraud.

business online news 2017 has just begun, "Wade Shepard" columnist Forbes website wrote to share his unfortunate experience: want to buy some Christmas gifts in the Amazon, but suffered sellers Juankuan run away. Although the Amazon has been compensated, but had to empty a disappointing christmas.

Shepard is a writer, focusing on the emerging markets of Asia, technology development and the city, who wrote "ghost town" China. In this column, he wrote this year at Christmas, he had to repeatedly explain why people did not prepare a gift: "I was a liar in the amazon."

he bought three different items in the hands of the hands of the different sellers, but none of them could deliver on time, they took the money and ran away. Although Amazon has A-to-Z Guarantee shopping security, gave him back the money, but he still can not be ready for any gift on Christmas morning.

victims are not only Shepard. By January 2nd, there were 529 bad reviews in the evaluation of the sellers of the three cheats.

the seller claimed warehouse in Dezhou, but the parcel tracking code is from Chinese post, which upset many people for Christmas plans, many people had to explain to the depressed children that Santa Claus Christmas lost.

Shepard said that in the past he never met on Amazon, a single receipt is a natural action, don’t worry about fakes, don’t worry. But this time he had to wonder whether the Amazon is still the benchmark before the electricity business.

: "I was also thinking that this experience was just a very small probability event that I happened to bump into, or has an increasing number of Amazon users started to suffer from it?" Shepard wrote in the article. He was surprised to find that this fraud is not a very small probability event, from the beginning of August 2016, a lot of forum posts are discussed in the network and exposure similar practices:

seller to create accounts, then look for the high popularity of the goods sold, thanks to Amazon third party seller platform "convenient service", these operations are only a few clicks of the mouse to complete. Then they set a price lower than their competitors. After the buyer hooked, they immediately changed the status of goods shipped. In Amazon’s system, this means that the money has been transferred to the seller’s account. In fact, however, they do not have the goods, they do not even inventory.

now, their trick is to play time difference with the customer, they claimed that the goods need to be received 3-4 weeks, Amazon shipping automatic confirmation time is 2 weeks. And other buyers found that they have not received the purchase of goods, has begun to comment on the business review to the time when

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