Adsense network broadcast the National Copyright Administration on today’s headlines network investi

1 National Copyright Bureau: is on today’s headlines network investigation

news June 23rd, the National Copyright Administration copyright management division at CI Ke recently announced that has received a complaint about the traditional media, said today’s headlines network unauthorized reprint their news works. National Copyright Administration attaches great importance to this, has accepted the relevant complaints, are on today’s headlines network for investigation, will be based on the investigation, according to the law to deal with.

June 12th, the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security official launch of the tenth special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action". The Jian Wang action to regulate network reproduced as a key task of digital copyright protection, the State Copyright Bureau by investigating cases and positive guidance, to regulate the network copyright reprint order. (end)

2 there are still 310 thousand servers in the world does not fix the bleeding heart loophole  

Beijing time on June 23rd morning news, according to the latest data security company Errata, although the bleeding heart loophole initial exposure, many enterprises are actively fixes this vulnerability, but after that, the speed has slowed sharply, there are still nearly 310 thousand servers affected by this vulnerability.

first, in the first month after the bleeding heart loophole exposure, the company found that there are 600 thousand servers affected by this. Less than a month’s time, large sites and network hosting companies will have to repair the vulnerability, so that this figure fell to 318 thousand and 239 units.

3 original music base 5sing controversy: the reoccurrence predicament  

domain strong?

It is reported that in June 23rd

news, recently, Chinese original music base 5sing can not access the site, this event is to raise a Babel of criticism of trouble. 5sing days before the storm began struggling, is acting in the domain name and the website. The original 5sing vest, this area managers, issued a statement to crush rumors, but the name of

can be strong?

Chinese original music base 5sing network domain name is hold, display resolution, unable to access, there are users spread the news that, "5sing vest, called China independent music network, can be directly used 5sing account login". In this regard, the station administrator Yeluoluo forwarding @ micro-blog, rebuked untrue reports, and warned 5sing users, do not enter the 5sing account in any other website, or risk the account is stolen, all 5sing related information will be released through official channels.

4 5sing network was hold truth exposure: not holding the domain name is frozen  

June 23rd hearing, learned >

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