ntegration of precision marketing lethality

with the development of Web2.0, the pattern of precision marketing is also more and more. From the development of some new pattern, it is not difficult to find positive ideal precision precision marketing model development, and integration of old and new media, new and old precision marketing mode are imperative, because only the development of fusion, can play a greater energy, precision marketing network will show more and more commercial value.

1, the integration of network precision marketing and traditional media

first of all, the network has a positive effect on the traditional media, you can focus on advertising. For example, you want to make a mobile phone advertising, all advertising money to television and newspapers, or vote for the network? I think 80% advertisers will choose to put a part of the investment to integration, television, newspapers and magazines; and the other part can choose some suitable sites for accurate delivery. This integration will achieve a breaking point, after all, now the network has been sitting on a 172 million audience, has become a huge "virtual stores". When the audience on the Internet to browse the relevant content information page, the current page shows the corresponding product advertising. The combination of traditional media and network precision advertising, is bound to be more commercial value.

2, the integration of network precision marketing and traditional precision marketing model

for the traditional precise marketing mode, such as line marketing, database marketing, precision marketing and so on face to face, the network will also play a role in the integration, compared with other media, the network of the lowest cost, the highest elasticity, can provide consumers with fully interactive environment, construct the distinctive attributes of the community, and can be easily to achieve the ideal of one to one marketing, from a certain point of view, just as one born and database marketing. But because the Internet industry to enter too easily, and the Internet has no boundaries and limitations encountered competitors becomes relatively more, must choose the precision marketing model can be more close to the ideal to attract more potential customers, to achieve better sales target. The product precision marketing on the Internet is, Baidu TV, T2C, iFocus, NarrowAD dotting etc.. Each director, seize the initiative. Who will be the industry’s big winner, remains to be seen.

3, the ideal network precision marketing model highlights

the ideal network precision obvious features of the marketing pattern, is the use of the Internet user online and offline behavior, consumer demand and living conditions, combined with the corresponding content of user browsing on the Internet, keyword mining screening, and then the crowd behavior analysis, and the corresponding matching on advertising.

overall, the current network of the precision marketing model to focus on content and audience for the two core, whether it is to search engine marketing on behalf of the user, type, or on behalf of iFocus as the representative of the context matching the content of precision marketing, is the ideal precision marketing mode forward.

with the hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games, I believe that the development of Internet technology, the increasingly rich content

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