Baidu’s video company registered independent domain name qiyi com

February 2nd, according to sources, Baidu’s own video company has registered a low-key and domain name, and will be officially disclosed to the outside world after the spring festival.

according to the domain name query information, the current domain name registrar for Lu bin. According to the open channel news, Lu Bin is the Secretary of Baidu video company CEO Gong Yu. Currently click on the above two domain name web site has not yet shown. domain name Whois information domain name Whois information

It is reported that

, the independent online video company Baidu has quietly started a new large-scale recruiting. Baidu video public relations official day prior to the Sohu IT said, the company has 50 employees, is expected by the end of the staff size will reach 350. At the same time, the official said the company will launch a new name and a new independent domain name in the post.

previously, Baidu video company to "Beijing Dingxin world science and technology limited company" in the name of recruitment, however, Baidu video company public relations official said, "Beijing Dingxin world science and technology limited company" is a temporary title, there is no formal name of the company.

January 6th, Baidu announced the formation of an independent online video company, to enter the field of genuine high-definition video network, the former 12580 president and COO Gong Yu as the new company CEO.

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