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with Jingdong, Alibaba have launched the United States market, the domestic electricity supplier into another summer season. But behind the giant gluttonous, once thriving shopping guide website already go with the wind electric lights.

two years ago, Ma asked Alibaba can not continue to support the beautiful said, mogujie.com and other sites, electricity supplier shopping guide is no longer a lie to make money, a good business. The two sites banned forced transformation of C2C business platform, and fight hand to hand with Taobao.

that time, Shandong man Lin Qinghua is Tianya community as vice president in charge of marketing. How to increase the income of the company, is one of the core issues he needs to consider. At that time, the only horizon makes money by selling advertising, Lin Qinghua feel mentally and physically exhausted.

at that time, he has seen the potential of the electricity supplier, trying to be a breakthrough in the transformation of the horizon. In an industry seminar, he claimed that for a large online community, the flow of the best way to achieve, not to sell advertising, but to sell things, which is the electricity supplier.

Lin Qinghua grafted some businesses to the Tianya community, the greater the income aspect of the upgrade, but the effect is not ideal. Two years later, he has left the horizon when reviewing this history, jokes that perhaps Tianya users "young cynic", to avoid seeing ads on instinct, no one click.

at the end of 2011 he began to prepare their own entrepreneurial projects, formally launched in August 2012. Initially, he and several other founders intend to do a business oriented apparel large data mining services platform, and later found that this pattern almost closed doors, not down to earth, then changed to a user oriented, recommended film star and fashion Master dress collocation, and lead to Taobao, Tmall and other electronic business platform.

this is the star wardrobe". Every day, the star wardrobe more than and 30 edits from the network to collect, collate information and hundreds of celebrity photos, screening new styles of clothing items, and the backstage database, and presented on the front pages and mobile phone applications, for reference, collection and purchase.

Lin Qinghua described this as "fashion porter". Whether it is television drama, entertainment information or fashion street shoot, he wants to get through these content and consumption, through the so-called fashion clues to match online transactions.

he did not want the star wardrobe and beauty and other sites in the same breath, like to emphasize the advantages of differentiation. But at least in the current stage, whether the business model or business model star wardrobe, can not be separated from the electricity supplier shopping category.


Lin Qinghua is a fine man, dressed not "tide", and common IT male identical. He kept the star wardrobe such a hit "fashion start-up companies, focus on the large data.

over the past two years, Lin Qinghua’s team has done

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