Babe network vertical electricity supplier can start up to return to the most simple user experience

December 26th, Bang Class fourth phase of the new era of electricity providers in the Oriental media such as classes. 300 friends with to a new era of electricity supplier train ticket, and invited to come to you of its entrepreneurial vertical founder together, starting on time, to a new future electricity supplier.


in the open class, babe network founder Zhang Lianglun to share his entrepreneurial experience, he believes that the vertical electricity supplier can, because the electricity supplier environment has changed, the user migration from PC to mobile phone terminal; another is that the electricity supplier has Chinese infrastructure with a few years ago is very perfect, very mature. The following is the speech of dry cargo extraction:

1 red children did not do it in Chinese before, what can you do? We venture whatever you choose is a others already done, or a new industry, the most important thing is not that others do not do, the most important thing is that you do not have the value to the user that could be a business model.

2 I am not the first person to start a business, started in 2011, the team has a period of three years, before the platform is mainly for 18-35 years old young women to provide exclusive fashion and affordable flash service. We found that maternal market there is a huge opportunity, and our consumer side and the supply side there are a lot of problems, changes in mobile phone user behavior is very important, buyers from the PC to the mobile to transfer, the background of the vertical electric providers today to be able to do, and vertical electric before did not make up the background that is, we are entering the era of mobile providers.

3, in fact, when we go to see the mobile electricity supplier, we will find that they are not the same, what is the difference?. PC, flow entrance and user entrance are gathered, even if your users, you also want to pay the entrance or Baidu 360. The entire entrance of the mobile terminal is dispersed, and the competition is not the same as the fairness of our.

4 due to the mobile phone screen is particularly small, it is the reduction in the carrying capacity of the goods, you will find a huge advantage of the traditional PC electricity supplier in the mobile terminal failure, it has become a burden. So you will find that although the proportion of mobile terminal in the Taobao to go up, in fact, a lot of things did not synchronize changes. For example, search, you will find that although the sales of Taobao and the entire user to rise, but the decline in the frequency of Taobao search, because you won’t go to search the mobile terminal, which is a great subversion of the entire electricity supplier user’s habits. You will find the beautiful said, this platform, you will find the babe network platform will be the future.

5 I think the mother and child electricity supplier is just a sample of a vertical electricity supplier, if the mother and child electricity supplier can rise up to the basic premise is vertical electricity supplier up, these two propositions are interlinked. Once the vertical electricity supplier is now the case, on the one hand, it has a number of vertical electricity supplier began to heald

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