Analysis of the relationship between website ranking and order

recently heard some customers complain, why the site in Baidu and Google rankings are very good, and every day there are hundreds of visits, how to call a few consulting it?

In fact, a lot of

has just started the implementation of network marketing companies have misunderstood a concept, the wrong view that the network marketing is the site rankings. In fact, this is the 2 thing. Do optimization or bidding, with the rankings, does not mean that there are orders. The core of the site is seen by the customer, whether it can stimulate the customer’s desire to buy, can produce the impulse to buy products or services directly. So what kind of Web site will have this effect?.

the following will be a brief analysis.

first, whether the performance of the web site can adapt to the target user experience. Simply say that the site is done, who is to browse. This requires accurate positioning of the site’s customers. For example, the flow of equipment to sell the site, mainly for the factory to do the customer, the sale of fashion accessories website, mainly for white-collar workers and young people like popular avant-garde. Then we determine our target customers, we have to stand in the customer’s position to check whether the site can provide them with a good website experience. As mentioned in the last case, line equipment website, it must first simple atmosphere, outstanding products, detailed line equipment can best illustrated product features, parameters, instructions and precautions. This website name is best to use the number 14 Arial, minimize the use of FLASH, because these customers on site is to elaborate on it products. However, a lot of products and equipment to sell the site, most of the pictures are not clear, layout confusion, but also like to engage in some video on the above. Even such a site Baidu ranked first, it is difficult for enterprises to bring orders.

secondly, the site has a good interaction. Web site as a media, much more than other media is the interaction of the network is relatively strong. If there is a lack of interaction, then it can be said to be at least halved. I have been in contact with an investment company, their website is very beautiful, but also very atmosphere, the amount of traffic is also increasing every day, but it is proportional to the phone consultation. Read only after the understanding of the original national investment company, but the site just put a company phone and company address. A message board is not. Such a site is a serious lack of network interaction. Why? In fact, many people do not want to visit the site directly to you on the phone, he may just consult the price or some information. Phone calls may be an expense for him. Some people may say that the phone can be how much money? Wrong, some customers money is life, do not do not believe, see more than you believe.

so a little more network interaction, is an essential way to increase the site order.

said above is also the author of a simple understanding of the site rankings and order relations. If there is any mistake, please correct me. Recently in a wedding company to do network marketing

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