ntegrated marketing is to integrate all the attention

early Internet, should be the portal of the world. From China’s three major portals to the United States AOL, the Internet is the information giant. These portals, while providing content, attracted the attention of the network population, is a very thorough center of the times.

around the time of 2005, a so-called "de centered" movement became known to the world on the internet. This movement is with the Blog (blog) this zero threshold of the popularity of the form of web pages and spread. Less than two or three years, only in Chinese, had been known as tens of millions of Blog, from the portal blog channel, to professional service providers to personal blog, independent blog, this is not the only one. ‘

in the center of the campaign, not only Blog, but also the album site, video sites, micro-blog sites, social networking sites, have appeared. The audience was is nearly 1 million 500 thousand separate sites reduced to fragments of attention, in this movement, it is whirling disappear without a trace.

to the center of the movement of the Internet to give the audience another identity: communicator. They are not only passive recipients of information, but also can make their voices. Whether it is BBS, or Blog, make this behavior becomes very simple. But everything There are both advantages and disadvantages. And in the disaster relief activities, to this point, it seems that many people have noticed. D’K4 R8 f! M


in fact, for most people, only in their own areas of expertise, will not be a simple information receiver. In other areas, such as a IT expert in the field of sports, rather than he / she is willing to find their own information to see, rather than he / she is willing to give up the information to find freedom". As for the business organizations, where I cannot fathom the attention, they are quite a headache. Network marketing, the urgent need for a new "center" movement. Or, for a better word eye: integration.

commercial organizations in a planning activities (campaign), the site (the industry commonly known as minisite) is a common approach. Minisite’s mission is to gather all the brands want to display information, such as the story of the brand, brand culture, brand specific usage goes to the product of the (or why to use this product), or even directly placed network sales channels, of course, don’t forget to put some of the user’s speech.

this is indeed an information integration, for the organization, this is the best means of aggregation of information. Fragmented information distribution is detrimental to generalization. But the question is, how to promote this minisite?

the first approach is the most common, backed by high traffic sites (such as the one built on Sina), or the purchase of advertising location hyperlinks refer to minisite, or can be said to have a slight effect >

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