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Fifth Avenue in the recent completion of the first round of financing, the establishment of seven years of luxury electricity supplier, now began to technology providers and service providers in transition. In conversation with CEO Sun Yafei, she used the B2C model is wrong, the industry is going to be a price war dead to express the luxury electricity supplier industry status quo.

on the question of luxury electricity supplier has never stopped the voice of the previous tiger sniffing the author published the first generation of luxury electricity supplier why not, the way out of the luxury electricity supplier there. From 2010 to 2012 Carnival capital expansion to the 2013 reshuffle, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. Although the 2015 luxury frequent financing, but still burn so long no one really go out to the outside of the industry cast a pessimistic mood. "The prostitute Ali" glamour again confirms the eventual luxury: either death or bondage.

in the 2.5 hour interview, Sun Yafei from the purchase channels, electricity providers and brands contradiction, B2C mode defects, as well as luxury electricity supplier in the future play and made a detailed exposition of the luxury industry, may inspire the readers.

the following content for Sun Yafei readme, tiger sniffing interview, writing:

luxury way to purchase a decision is difficult to have a big discount

if a business sells luxury goods are genuine, so it channels there are four brands: authorized agent, cooperation, dealer Chuanhuo, then import traders. So how about the discount for each channel?

first, take the brand authorized, put their own money. Electricity supplier will cooperate directly with the brand side, but there is a problem, usually with the brand side, the new product is no discount, only in accordance with the original price to sell. Once a company, in order to impulse sales, began to subsidize discount in get authorization. But the matter was quickly known by the brand side, and immediately stopped cooperation. The brand’s concern is that they have a system of sales under the line, the line under the impact of online discount sales channels, so that the line shop is very dissatisfied.

second, bring in cooperation with the general agent, take poop. The general agent will have to poop to you, but now is characterized by a small number, some only a few paragraphs; old styles, basically no new Weihuo is defective or broken code.

what is poop? For example, brands that the market can sell one billion of the goods, so the production of so much, but in fact only sold nine hundred million, the remaining one hundred million of the goods is. It will be put on Outlets (Oteri J) or some other channels to sell at a discount, the first year of a thirty percent off did not sell a year, second years after the half off is sold, this time will be three to sixty percent off to our business.

third, dealer cuanhuo. Brands are divided into several levels: brand side, general agent, regional agents, distributors. Brand side is willing to do so, although the gross profit is low, but not

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