China server market in November BM leads the market by 36 8%


IDC China review network December 21st reports: according to the Internet Consumer Research Center (ZDC) released the "November 2012 Chinese server market analysis report" shows that in November, IBM is still the larger proportion of attention lead, DELL, followed by HP, the three index of concern and reached 77%. Thus, in the Chinese server market, brand focus on the situation is still very obvious.


(Figure 1)

November, in the Chinese server market, IBM exclusive 30% degree of concern, up to 36.8%. DELL and HP were ranked 23.6%, 16.6%, second, three. In addition to the three major brands, the rest of the server brand, Lenovo to focus on the proportion of lead, Lenovo ThinkServer times, for the 6.1%.


(Figure 2)


server in different types of interest rate movements, rack servers with 76% proportion of the top concern, but compared with the previous month, attention was an increase of 2.3%. Tower server product concern was 22.3%, down from the previous month, the blade server rose by up to 1.4% by the end of.


(Figure 3)

In November,

in the different prices of server products, priced at -3 yuan, the price is still 10 thousand for users concerned about the mainstream, the proportion of 54.9%, last month dropped 0.2%. 10 thousand yuan or more, the price of more than 50 thousand yuan product segments are also concerned about the proportion of the decline in the previous month with different amplitude. 30 thousand -5 million price segment product concern ratio rose by 1.7% last month.

summary: in November, China’s server market performance is stable, but the competition between the brand servers. According to the current pattern, consumers choose the brand is still relatively concentrated. In the product type structure, the rack server is the first choice for most consumers, and price options, 10 thousand -3 million price segment of the most popular products.

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