Pure content platform is disappearing since the production of content is rising

is the first of several recent facts:

12013 years or the loss of Youku Q4 (non US national accounting standards under the profit statistics too far fetched).

2, Pandora advertising revenue can not cover copyright costs.

3, Netflix focus on the content of the self invested shares turned nearly 5 times.

we see a people sad phenomenon here, especially video sites, music, audio and other high threshold UGC content platform, they are getting away from their original business model tells all about the platform! Have dream of people should all be the same story: "gather the user with the flow after the liquidation, advertising, membership value-added services, UGC can help me free generated content, as long as I become the boss, all the people come to me all consumer content, I will make over, ha ha".

but now the "ha ha" to become "ha ha", because we found that no matter how "advertising + membership fee income of" no "content + server" high cost, he is working in a variety of earned pours CP, so known to subvert the television video website is actually return to the role of television to do their own CP, as Netflix chief content officer Ted chalain say so: "before we want in the HBO into Netflix, HBO will become the"

Netflix development

content is completely King (only for video sites, music, audio and other high UGC threshold content discussion)

A fundamental theorem of

Internet is "the Internet makes all things return to its most essential value, especially the Internet social network is developed, the more content can put aside channels directly to the audience, so that the content and channel value return to its essence of value, like electricity providers aside offline channels to sell directly to the audience thusstrips offline channels of interest and let more expensive things like.

so what is the essence of value content and channels, with the "house of cards" as an example, the essence of value is that David Finch and Kevin Spacey’s high popularity, great writers and professional production, these are extremely scarce and high threshold. And play its Sohu video is the essence of its value lies in: he built a server to the user to play the video only. So the content platform itself has almost no stickiness, Sohu put house of cards you went to the Sohu, Iqiyi put the star you go to Iqiyi


you may say, can not ignore the content platform as a channel he still has the ability to distribute it, I think the ability to distribute channels are weakened, for example, you decided to go to the house of cards is not you have nothing to do open Sohu video home to see the house of cards to recommend a point to open to see, you see a friend they are hot enough to see this film in the circle of friends, so the ability to distribute is not in WeChat’s video site



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