Site duty guest trade development encounters the bottleneck problems of credit system

is also called the "duty guest, workplace broker" or "job consultant" refers to the job seekers employment demand, provide employment consulting services for job seekers, and ultimately help job seekers employment people. They are mainly in the duty guest website as a platform for publishing through the completion of job seekers "reward" task to obtain certain consulting fees, is following the "Witkey" after another "guest" culture.

since the end of 2006 the first duty guest website "duty guest net" birth, China has emerged more than a dozen different scale duty guest website. Especially in 2008 after the outbreak of the economic crisis, the industry is difficult to find a job duty guest flourishing. But with nearly two years of employment situation eased, and some problems of the site itself duty guest, industry development duty guest into a bottleneck.

someone with a background in work is easier to use

"job: Chengdu; job industry: professional services, financial industry; Target Corp: Accenture, McKinsey; target position: investment banking, consultant; expect a monthly salary of 8000-9000 yuan fee: 4000 yuan." This is April of this year, a "reward" task of Chengdu a female master guest posted online, but there is no "duty guest Jiebang lingshang". The reporter saw the reward list duty guest net has been nearly 7000 reward task. In addition there are Chinese duty guest net, net, net 360 duty guest duty guest several well-known duty guest website.

2007, sales in the power industry to understand the industry Anand duty guest reported by the media, and started to do part-time duty guest. "Although I do not engage in human resources, but also have a certain network of resources. In the beginning I thought to do duty guest is very simple, but is introduced. But with the deepening of the work, I also found duty guest need professional knowledge and ability." Anand believes that a good duty guest not only have a strong communication skills, and professional HR knowledge. "Duty guest to continue to communicate with the enterprise and job seekers, to understand the needs of enterprises and employment standards, but also to carry out all aspects of the resumes and interview the guidance for job seekers. I am also through continuous learning related knowledge, gradually do duty guest work, reward task completed faster and better."

"duty guest beginning is no threshold, but now it’s clear the threshold." Duty guest net director Lv Benxue, "duty guest not only have a certain amount of information resources, but also have the professional knowledge, to grasp the work of enterprises, at the same time screening for job seekers. In contrast, human resources work background will be easier to do is duty guest. We have been in the open class form of duty guest training."

it is understood that the duty guest in helping job seekers successful entry after a period of time, if the applicant has no objection, the website will work according to duty guest undertakes duty guest entry in to help job seekers in the process of giving job seekers reward 30%-70% as a reward. Generally speaking, the applicant’s reward

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