Pea pods were acquired after 168 days of Alibaba

has said that to do great company pea pods in July this year, was acquired by ali. This company is the peak period, the valuation was as high as $1 billion. However, when the final acquisition of the amount of diving. According to the purchase price of $200 million, but this amount is not confirmed by the Alibaba and the pea pods.

pea pod was founded in 2009, and in the same year in December to obtain innovative workshops millions of dollars in angel investment, but also the first launch of the innovative workshop mobile star products. January 2011, pea pods were DCM China tens of millions of dollars A round of investment. In January 2014, pea pods, Chinese Softbank DCM, innovation works B $120 million round of investment; in March of the same year, and got the B round of investment Goldman tens of millions of dollars. According to the data released by the pea pods, which has accumulated more than 300 million users, the daily application of the distribution of more than 30 million in the domestic market is located in Android, Baidu after.

this product has a deep personal imprint of Wang Junyu, he is co-founder of pea pods, previously worked in Google. "Literary youth" is currently the general manager of pea pods Zhang Bo to the evaluation of Wang Junyu.

Prior to the acquisition of

, pea pods this small product has been known as feelings. According to a netizen said: "know the pea pods feelings at that moment will open App feel that using some fun small column, the fan feel full, but also access to the video search, launched a pea pod design award, it is to achieve the ultimate art."

later, the Internet giant Android under attack, the volume of the largest smart mobile phone manufacturers HUAWEI and millet are preloaded with its own tools, divide the application tools download market, also let the pea pod is very difficult to rely on feelings to attract more users and downloads.

also said that before the news, Lenovo, Tencent, etc. have had the intention to buy pea pods, but were rejected by Wang Junyu. He said the giants are not interested in, and said: "we only hug cat outside really not what other hobbies, retirement does not know what to do. In addition, we also want to have their own independent office, can raise a few adorable cat, want to spend 400 thousand air purifier installed, when not approved. This is the fun of entrepreneurship, and the irrational side."

so when the pea pods in July announced the acquisition of Ali, Ali incorporated into the mobile division, but also really surprised the outside world. Always make people feel that the acquisition may not be Wang Junyu’s personal intention, or that he is not so willing.

now almost half in the past, pea pods and Alibaba PP has divided the original assistante platform integration, and Wang Junyu himself has been out of the daily management of pea pods. According to the interface news reporter, he is preparing a new project within the ali.

December 20th, pea pods held a press conference in Beijing, announced by Ali received >

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