Parity site into the Red Sea than the quality of the site but no one is doing


" against the network omnipresent, robot and real help everyone see, see the report out tens of millions of people know that "this is the cheapest. Many serious users now buy more than 10 thousand yuan of products, the first thing is to search the Internet, parity. However, the life of the people made the purchase decision, really want to buy the most cost-effective


sometimes, you don’t think about the price at all, just want to buy the "highest quality" thing?

3C the comparison sites help us than the "best", which is a mobile phone battery for a notebook computer, which is the most thin, but Valentine’s day, boys can’t buy cold 3C for girls? If I can buy only half a day, too late to ask Magi "s Gift, hoping that sites like comparison sites that let me know immediately what" best "


TechCrunch yesterday referred to a website called InsideTrip, read a lot of feeling. This site would like to make a fishy Red Sea market, namely Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity,, HotWire, CheapTickets these warlords parallel ticket purchase website. The difference is that InsideTrip emphasizes the "quality", which is to compare the quality of each airline, airport, aircraft, and finally for each purchase option to calculate a 66~95 ranging from the "quality score". With a quality score, you can arrange a row for all the options. Which is "the best", InsideTrip tells you!

InsideTrip in the end "than" what things? Look at this list, it is not a joke. They could be "delayed rate" and "baggage rate" calculation in, even the security check queuing time, leg extension space, and the gate and the customs and the distance, all are in. Also, I also pay attention to the aircraft type, age and so on.

InsideTrip’s "quality" than general website "and" quality than


yes. InsideTrip than the quality, not to ask users to score points, in fact, many of the 2 Web site has been parity, by the way, than quality, but these sites than quality approach is mostly rely on the subjective scores of the masses. "Than the quality" itself has subjective judgment on the difficulties, it will be "quality" to "quantitative" this kind of thing, but a bowl of beef noodle shop quality to "quantitative"? "Net" in terms of the masses than the mass fraction of way to do, is not easy to maintain justice, everyone has their own the main view, a love of Sichuan to eat a hot restaurant, very fun, while the fire side gave it seven stars, the quality of service to the quality of the dishes are all the best; passionate audiences only consider it in the heart of the "cool" to reveal it, no time for consideration at the fair stand the problem of. Even if >

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