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is a company that wants to do China "Home away", and the clever ride on Ctrip ride, it can succeed?

Author: Feng Yimeng

Wang Jiangxun’s going to be crazy about termites. He was in Sanya last year to buy commercial housing "Princess county" by termites, wooden wardrobe refined decoration opened unexpectedly surged out of a group of termites, although these termites were eventually wiped out, his losses reached 30 thousand yuan.

he attributed the termite incident to "no one lives in the house."". The perennial work in Shenzhen, he grew up on the dream of a big house facing the sea full of sunshine, a few years ago he bought a two bedroom house in Yalong Bay, but he can only be busy every year to stay in Sanya for two weeks, for the rest of the year, the house has become a worthy of the name. "Vacant room".

however, Wang Jiangxun ignored in Sanya such a hot and humid climate, rain place, perennial ventilation window "vacant rooms" the biggest risk is not from the thief, but from the group and multiply rapidly destructive termites are.

Wang Jiangxun started desperately want to rent the house, he finds a number of tenants, the amount of rent, but the cost is huge, he needs to be admitted to the tenant and left to Sanya. Only once, he did not have time because of the busy work on-site supervision of the tenant tenant left, left some food in the house, and when he had time to go to Sanya, was greeted with the stench of a rotten food.

Wang Jiangxun’s story seems to be suffering history, a typical remote home buyers in Sanya suffered but this year, his house is no longer a vacant room, doing simple things in order, to replace the new linen (towels, quilt, mattress and so on) his house ushered in the first wave of Sanya people on vacation this, the price of 658 yuan / night of the fine decoration of the house every successful rental for 1 days, he can be divided into 50%, the Spring Festival in the past, his rental income easily over a million yuan.

Wang Jiangxun now thinks he made the right decision. Last October, Wang Jiangxun of the house to the new company a business near – way home network, the online website from Ctrip company is mainly for the high-end villa they The Resort Apartments and market segments, providing tourism The Resort Apartments, online search, query and transaction services, Wang Jiang Xun became one of Adams Gordon hotel owners they line platform.

Wang Jiangxun and other owners decided to put the house to the way home, on the way home called "housing professional nanny" service, cleaning, management, operation, and termite prevention so meticulous work, have dedicated staff to help the owners. When the owner is not, the way home network will be housing to the hotel style apartment operations.

but it also gives

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