nterpretation ZheZiXi video anti piracy Alliance


when the anti piracy alliance held a meeting before the siege of Baidu and Nora composed of independent video site, probably doing good work is confidential, the circle of friends that the Tencent following the search business and will marry after the video business Sohu, then clear the original Baidu news, and fast broadcast was hit, composed of Sohu, Tencent video video, Youku potatoes, LETV and many other video sites and television company, a new generation of anti piracy alliance to Baidu and Nora. Then there is hearsay, said the anti piracy alliance was just trying to play fast, some members of the alliance later found 360, the two sides established a cooperative relationship (mainly search and traffic levels), and then simply go to Baidu, Nora put together up.

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Hulu in Youtube after the exemplary general in front of the way, Chinese video industry is out of competition, can not afford to burn the early exit, the rest of the battlefield is a test field for the giants to carve up the darwinism. Among them, the copyright in the name of the war started, almost every year in the show:

– 2009, Sohu, joint video excited net friend Bullock established anti piracy alliance with the alliance members Youku at that time are still main targeted against the anti piracy alliance to Youku claims 100 million yuan, the final result is Haidian court judgment and cool compensation 450 thousand.

– 2010, Youku has sued 6 continuous cool, cool 6 Sue potatoes, excellent friends Bullock sued Xunlei, LETV prosecution uusee, contributed China video industry reshuffle on the eve of the raging like a storm at the end, it is at the beginning of this year, the domestic TV drama copyright sales prices began to swell abnormally.

– 2011, potatoes "in the history of the most serious infringement" is sued piracy Youku tudou.com exclusive introduction of the Taiwan variety show "Kangxi", at the 150 million claims, also requires the government to revoke the Youku Video Site Youku qualification, immediately counterattack, bring a lawsuit against potatoes in Beijing, Shanghai, says potatoes Youku broadcast infringement 100 hit TV drama and original content. A few months later, the two public relations each other has suddenly become one family.

– 2012, Sohu, Tencent video video and Iqiyi reached an agreement to jointly set up the video content, three party cooperation organization to join domestic and foreign high-quality video content copyright procurement, one is to take the form of collective investment to reduce procurement costs, on the other hand is to surround just announced the merger of Youku and tudou.

"one year spent similar, each year is different, a drama by the end of 2013 the people feel be long in coming, huangruogeshi.

what are some of the show’s


"piracy" is a pseudo proposition

2013, Zhang Zhaoyang in the re selection of teammates, the goal of the anti piracy alliance became Baidu and Nora, but

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