Chuan Yi Xun employee dissatisfaction with the compensation plan to strike the exclusive disclosure

news March 28th, micro-blog electricity daily official micro Bo said this afternoon, due to dissatisfaction with the compensation scheme, easy fast several large district employees went on strike; subsequently, the NetEase also received a message, said some employees strike.


electricity daily in micro-blog said, "received the easy fast internal staff broke the news, because the compensation scheme of employee dissatisfaction, there are several large district employees went on strike! The largest number of employees in Southern China, East region mobilized to prepare a collective strike and parade set."

According to NetEase

science and technology understanding, cause from March 27th, there are fast and easy in the internal BBS staff issued an article entitled "dear brother" pony post, the post of the Tencent personnel work schedule within two weeks of questioning, transparent information, providing two-way communication channels and effective implementation change after the Jingdong salary, meal supplement welfare, rank evaluation and other details, asked the personnel department or by express mail group publicity in March 25 way full conference promised compensation details, and is reflected in the change in the contract. That night, more than twenty thousand posts more than and 200 browse, reply, department manager out there. NetEase technology does not collect specific content of Posts and replies, but according to insiders said that the replies to avoid major problems, just ask everybody to understand the personnel department under the busy work.

this morning, Tencent HR has held a new notice with the center will, according to NetEase science and technology, at the meeting there are the following:

1, all must terminate the labor contract with the Tencent ECC employees before March 31st, otherwise the system will automatically turn to leave the state, HR explicitly recognize Tencent unilaterally terminate the labor contract, but does not recognize the company laid off;

2, HR require termination of labor contract with Tencent, Jingdong choose to change, but refused to implement salary details in the contract change, that change too many employees, the implementation of the workload is too large, then confirm the need to pay off after the signing of


3, HR refused to expressly or otherwise publicized the details of the previously promised compensation, but repeatedly expressed as a large Jingdong’s reputation, not fooled everyone.

easy fast internal staff of NetEase technology expressed a clear question: first party unilaterally terminate the labor contract must notify Party B 30 days in advance, but the Tencent was not done, and not for the termination of the labor contract made clear; secondly between employees and Jingdong to fast contract did not clearly inform the salary. It is going to those employees must sign a simply do not know the specific salary contract.

also has other employees fast and easy to NetEase said, in addition to some contract subject to the Tencent Tencent employee technology abroad (this part of the employees to get n+1 compensation buyout), other external staff only get n+0 compensation, as well as part of the staff (it is revealed fast and easy for operators Wuhan area Teng

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