The income gap between the owners began to gradually increase the steady increase in income

according to CNNIC latest statistics, there are currently 131 independent websites in China, however, how many of these sites can make money profitable?

revenue is less than a year, or better than a year? No matter how to discuss the views of the market, the data is the best evidence of the facts.

November 25th, Comsenz (Comsenz) and Eric (iRearch) released the 2007 "Third Session of Chinese social network research report in Beijing".


report shows that Chinese network community overall performance in less income and no income communities accounted for the highest proportion, 38.2%, less than the income of 1000 yuan in the community accounted for 24.4%, 1000 yuan more than the proportion of less income community. Accordingly, the annual income of more than 1 million yuan in the community site accounted for only the overall proportion of 0.5%.

, however, this data is not as pessimistic as imagined.

Compared to

in 2006 Comsenz released "second development Chinese Internet community survey report", the market is another thing, those who have the strength of the community owners, income is improved significantly, and the number gradually increased.

data show that in 2005 the annual income accounted for only 2.5% of the overall proportion of more than 50 thousand yuan in the station, and in 2007 the "Third Session of China Network Community Research Report" shows that the number of stationmaster 2006 annual income of more than 50 thousand yuan, has increased to 4%. With the gradual increase in the number of Internet sites in China in 2005 and in 2006, the corresponding number of higher income is greater.

Figure 1: the webmaster in 2005 full year revenue from the network community

  figure two: the income of the webmaster in the full year 2006 from the online community

  however, the lack of competition, there is no unique value of small sites and community as well as the new site is facing greater consideration, at the same time that comparative data, no income Adsense proportion, from 2005 21.1% to 2006 38.2%.

iResearch believes that the overall level of Chinese network community’s current income is still low, to explore the profit model has to be strengthened, with the application and continuously explore community marketing and e-commerce mode, income China network community is expected to achieve better.

as a forum, 500 thousand independent online community blog software professional community technology provider, Comsenz in addition to providing community forum system Discuz!, outside of the community portal system SupeSite, community blog system X-Space, also recently launched a set of suitable ECShop e-commerce software system by the community, community owners looking for the field of electronic commerce convenient the profit opportunity >

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