Promiscuous micro business who will save the kidnapped girl


text / Yang Junjun (WeChat: yangjunjun420)

for micro business, I really can not think of any positive adjectives.

if the derivative before, just by blowing a bragging, recruit some agents to maintain standing on top of the Pyramid people enjoy "glory, splendour, wealth and rank can also make a person" to "understand" it is when eating a fly, then with some insider micro business people know after the exchange it can only be used to describe the terror and nausea.

is sick, in such a way that are not "flashy" circle still has a variety of unspoken rule and the right color trading, horror, those at the bottom of many deep micro district was the default and they will shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, and its development.

accept disciple under the unspoken rules

follow me to do micro business, to ensure that you open a year Ferrari, the so-called micro business successful people do not know how to use this sentence to deceive the number of pretty girls go to bed.

micro business due to the top of the Pyramid is too easy to let people "envy", so that the underlying sources of micro business will produce a sense of fantasy, fantasy they can rely on micro business become a white Formica, rise head and shoulders above others, but they also can be imagined, that some successful people’s favor, led them down the pinnacle of life.

, however, the truth is far more brutal than the ten thousand times. Like almost all checked the cult leader will tell his followers have improper relationship between men and women, the development of micro business growth, increasing the believers, those successful people accumulate enough aura, and began to use the "believers worship" to some unspoken rule of trading.

Among them,

, can be said to be a collection of those who use the most popular way of micro business.

because many do derivative are beautiful young girls, and usually in the capital, through the trial products to attract people to buy, and when the micro business bigwigs began to notice when they usually use similar words, "I accept you as an apprentice, follow me to do it, you will make a guarantee how much money", because these girls themselves believe they go on the derivative is the only proper course to take road to success, so it is easy to believe these words, even will be delighted to accept. Naturally, the girls in return, usually "pledge" to exchange for most cases, only follow these bigwigs to participate in various summits, access to a variety of occasions, imperceptibly, become a symbol of the identity of the bigwigs of success.

is even more bizarre is absurd, this phenomenon in the micro business district is almost the default rules. If you agree to be someone’s apprentice, it means to go to bed with him. Because of the positive dedication of the girls after so many bigwigs will even apprentice as a "quality" can be used to show off and compare with what.

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