Click on the life of the search site ranking collective rise

recent domestic life search site in the global web site for the first time ranked among the top 1000 clicks. Alex data show that 741 of YAHOO’s reputation on volume ranked website ranking, the 58 city network, Ganji, ranked respectively in 1200 between -1400.

analysts pointed out that the current Internet industry "winter" approach, the service life of website hits but contrarian growth, will open the next round of climax application for Internet applications.

two models go hand in hand with

the fastest growing ranking is YAHOO word of mouth network. YAHOO public relations department said that the sharp increase in the amount of clicks, not from a large-scale external promotion, but thanks to the site’s classification of information and search for the lives of the two major applications to enhance the user.


search service life of four major sites, the first category is the classification information website mainly for the dissemination of information, there are 58 main city,, Kijiji; the second is to comment, the yellow pages of the local life service mode, such as; the third is to provide the local search engine life search services, such as Google, Baidu and other search services provided by the local life; the fourth category is the big platform covering a variety of life information search mode, relies on search engine technology, to realize the combination of map search and local information, on behalf of YAHOO word-of-mouth network.

but overall, the pattern of life search sites are mainly two modes, one is to provide users with the main content of the Web2.0 model, the other is the classification of information + integrated search".

is a representative of the former model of public comment network, is based on the restaurant started Web2.0 site, the main content involved in the review by the user, and now not only for the catering industry, but also began to expand the service life. But it is in the rental housing more niche areas of information service in the advantage is not obvious.

another model is in addition to the public comment on all other sites are used in the way, which is backed by the largest group of Alibaba YAHOO reputation. It is the entrance to classified information, to provide a detailed search of life integration surrounding shops, businesses offer discounts and the surrounding real estate information content for the user, and combined with the map search, public transport, traffic guide and other functions, the user can reach any interest in the shops.

data show that the total effective information classification information plate YAHOO’s reputation has more than 3 million 500 thousand categories have been more than 200, the basic coverage of the daily life of the people involved in all aspects of housing rental, discount, nanny, friends, ticketing, tutoring is the most concentrated for the traffic sector focus. In addition, the application has been achieved in YAHOO word of mouth WAP version of the phone, you can use the phone positioning and other functions, the realization of life service information and the user’s match and active delivery.

reach commercial scale

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