Vip com shares soared 22% highs market capitalization close to the 4 Dangdang since IPO stock price chart.


technology news Beijing time on February 8th morning news, last March against the bloodshed listed companies (NYSE:VIPS) on the NYSE on Thursday once again rose 22%, to close at $25.11, a record high, the highest intraday rose to $25.54. Since March 23rd last year, IPO, compared to the issue price of $6.5 IPO, cumulative gains of up to 286%.

today’s closing price,’s market capitalization of about $1 billion 270 million, is close to the 4 listed companies in the NYSE listed Dangdang, Dangdang current market value of about $326 million. specializes in selling brand discount merchandise, similar to the U.S. model. Earlier reports said that due to the growth of Asian countries, the economic slowdown in the demand for low-cost products detonated, making in 2012 the United States listed overseas companies in the highest rate of return on investment. And due to the U.S. capital market to reduce the demand for Chinese stocks, resulting in shares until September last year before breaking the issue price. But the stock since then all the way up Biao record $22.81, following the January record 25, today again stand on the $25 mark. Behind the rise, the top is the Chinese vertical electricity supplier in the first profitable company aura.

November 13, 2012, released third quarter earnings, net revenue grew 197% to $156 million; net loss decreased from 1.754.6 million in the same period last year to $1 million 456 thousand, while excluding options, third quarter earnings have been achieved substantial profit, to $640 thousand.

March 23, 2012 IPO (IPO), it is the most difficult time capital environment, the United States IPO price range from $8.5 to $-10.5, eventually reduced to $6.5, then the lowest price fell to $4.12, known as "bleeding listed". CFO Yang Donghao in the previous interview with sina science and technology interview, said: I personally think that the reason for the rise in shares, when the listing was seriously underestimated.".

Yang Donghao think model itself is not a problem, but the U.S. capital market is too pessimistic about the entire stock. For the share price rose, Yang Donghao admits a bit unexpected, because’s growth has been listed and the time is not expected to differ significantly, but the share price has turned several times.

U.S. investment company Ipox Schuster founder Joseph · (Josef) has previously said that’s excellent performance comes from the company’s ability to honor the revenue and profit growth in (Schuster). As long as the growth rate

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