The world’s largest P2P listed nearly three years trading volume increased by over 170%

8 at the end of the world’s largest P2P net loan platform LendingClub (hereinafter referred to as LC) to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, the company may be listed in the fall. Statistics show that since 2011, the annual growth rate of LC transactions over 170%.

prospectus, LC on average 14% of the expected annual yield has attracted the participation of many traditional financial institutions, mutual funds, many well-known hedge funds and institutional investors become the mainstream LC lenders. It is worth noting that its board of directors, including a number of heavyweights, such as former U.S. Treasury Secretary Summers and others.

with good operational efficiency, LC’s rapid growth has also led to the concerns of traditional financial institutions, Wells Fargo has banned employees to invest P2P net loan.

however, LC co-founder Su Haide told the "daily economic news" reporter, he did not think LC and banks in the competition, LC is actually helping the bank development, is to let the bank back to the bank, rather than the pursuit of profitable investment institutions.

LC is the main purpose of the loan refinancing existing debt and credit card payments, which together accounted for 83.42%, which also makes the Sino US P2P model are very different, and some of the P2P platform Chinese also combined with the actual situation, try to launch innovative products and mode localization.

loss of $16 million 500 thousand in the first half of this year,

According to

LC disclosed in the prospectus, the "daily economic news" reporter on the company’s financial data, the development and listing target angle analysis, and interviewed on issues related to Su Haide (SoulHtite), he is also one of the domestic P2P platform melting point network founder.

LC was founded in 2007, in the early period of slow development, the first two years, LC has only provided a loan of $10 million, by the end of 2009, the loan amount is less than $100 million. However, from the beginning of 2011, turnover LC annual growth rate of more than 170%; as of June 2014, the company has contributed to the turnover of up to $5 billion 40 million, only the two quarter of this year, loans amounted to $1 billion 6 million.

LC net revenue last year was 17 times in 2010. In the six quarter, the chain growth rate of up to 24.4%. In the first half of this year, LC revenue reached $86 million 900 thousand, compared with $37 million 100 thousand in 2013, an increase of $134%.

in this regard, Su Haide told the "daily economic news" reporter said, LC for 5 and a half years to $1 billion in loans, and now 3 months on loan of $1 billion, LC is experiencing explosive growth, other companies miles away.

echoes from the 2011 development into the fast track, LC shareholders and directors

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