There are 500 million flowers guess who will buy YY education Shanghai ape exam are possible

Shanghai river network, ape exam, 91 foreign teachers and small business projects…… Who is the object of the YY acquisition of combat vehicles to buy



now is entering the end of 2014, ending is a summary of the past year’s time, is also looking forward to the future of the day, again smug. While online education catfish in the YY (gathered era) of its 100 education has just launched the acquisition chariot at this moment.

last week, 100 education has launched a total of two mergers and acquisitions, want to strengthen the layout of the online education industry. First, to about 300 million yuan acquisition of IELTS online training in the field of Zheng Renqiang and his buddies education of science and Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Zheng Renqiang team); second, wholly invested 120 million yuan acquisition of online occupation education website global e-campus.

sources said that in the future, YY will also announce the acquisition of new online education projects. YY Vice President Mao Yiding also confirmed that 100 education in the future will continue to acquire online education team.

previously, YY education has threatened to invest 1 billion yuan this year in the field of online education, and now after the acquisition of the case of the village of about 500 million, about half of the funds available for use in the two.

The future of

, who will be the 100 education’s next acquisition target? Here, Hu may wish to make a bold guess to analysis.

in general, an enterprise acquisitions, must have their own plans, most of the motivation is not the same, or to improve profitability, or to enter a new industry, or to make up for their own shortcomings. M & A is also divided into horizontal mergers and acquisitions in the same market industry level (including competitive goods), vertical mergers and acquisitions between different areas of cross-border mergers and acquisitions and mergers between enterprises on the market.

from the current perspective, whether it is the Zheng Renqiang team or global school, YY expansion is horizontal merger. The acquisition of the Zheng Renqiang team must be of great help to improve profitability, it is a monthly income of 2 million teams; and the acquisition of global e-campus can quickly enter the occupation education, the education is not covered by the previous 100. It is speculated that the next 100 acquisition of the potential target of education should also be horizontal online education field.

at present, the overall domestic online education is divided into early childhood, K12, online English training, occupation education, vertical high-end online education (such as central line).

and YY are from the online English training of the export entry, and entered the field of online education K12 in August of this year, and last week 100 education acquired the Zheng Renqiang team is the corresponding English online, and the corresponding global e-campus is online occupation education. Because online early, the status of the industry is small in size, thin power. Online education model is not suitable for children, especially children aged 0-3 years old. They can’t take part in themselves

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