We’ve all misunderstood the new advertising law this time

before the formal promulgation of the new advertising law, all circles are boiling, the interpretation of the new advertising law is endless. At this time, the "September 1st, advertising in these words, a fine of two hundred thousand!" listed 70 "limit advertising language", let the dog fear. However, Industrial and Commercial Bureau to face.

August 31st, a title for "September 1st, advertising have these words, a fine of two hundred thousand!" news scraper, especially in advertising circles and the media circle, because the new advertising act of September 1st is known as the history of the most stringent implementation, this paper enumerates the nearly 70 "limit language", once was in advertisements, on the face may be fined 200 thousand.


said "the limit term including but not limited to commodity goods list page, title, subtitle, the main map and details page, packaging etc.. The term limit of shops, once found illegal shops will be given points and fined two hundred thousand yuan, a fine of not less than one million yuan, appeared serious will directly be closed shop processing. And in case of customer complaints limit terms, and activist success, payment amount will be borne by the merchant. Therefore, the seller should pay attention to it, self correction, timely revision and change, to avoid penalty."

so horrible, how can businesses do not pay attention to the advertising of dogs is more extremely terrified, waves of friends to join the team forward, no one wants to go, no one to study seriously, whether that is true. So this article seriously shuabing. If this is an occasion to marketing you borrowed is very awesome.


, friends of friends, you have been cheated, this is your new advertising law is really a misunderstanding, the new advertising law feel injustice!

in the printing pass intensified when, in September 4th, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau through its official micro-blog said, "new" advertising law "and" the first "disable" scoop "" only "words such as the Department of misreading.

reads as follows:


actually, the old "advertisement law" although not explicitly put forward the "ultimate language" four words, but in the specific regulations are involved, such as the second chapter ninth, "the ads may not have the following: three) the use of" national level "," the most senior "and" best ";". But as mentioned in the last 70 "extreme language", the text is not refined.

in addition to the law, there is also a history of "extreme language" case.

· 2012, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau found Haidian branch in Beijing Wo Wo Group Information Technology Co. Ltd., the official website of the inspection, in the "about us" column propaganda claims that the industry first". Therefore, the "Wo Wo Group" be punished 30 thousand yuan.

· September 2013, Dangdang propaganda the world’s largest alleged

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