Ylmf arena follow Baidu farewell grassroots self built commercial building


ylmf build office building renderings


founder Lai Linfeng first announced his photos for

Tencent Francisco December 8th morning news, has always been low-key high-profile recent behavior of Internet Co ylmf. On the one hand, our founding leader Lai Linfeng first unveiled his own, he not only discloses two recent photos in their website forum, also announced the mail and other personal information. At the same time, Dongguan Songshan Lake in Guangdong for the construction of new office building drawings recently in the domestic each big forum frequently a.

Lai Linfeng yesterday in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, for the building does not imitate the search giant Baidu, the "construction and decoration is the need for the development of the company, we hope to create a convenient, efficient and humane leisure space, so that employees can feel happier than busy, so as to improve the work efficiency."

is interesting for its 114la.com for domestic well-known Web site, second only to Baidu’s Hao123.com, and the search site 115.com ylmf also quietly challenge Baidu.

but in Lai Linfeng’s view, although Baidu’s line of business with a high degree of overlap, but not enough to challenge for Baidu’s strength. In many webmaster and Internet users for eyes, more like a taste of the grassroots IT sharing platform.

however, no one will therefore underestimate the wind. In the software business of Microsoft XP system to the controversial, will put in more effort for the development of the search business. In addition to the launch of the 115.com search site, also purchased XP.com ylmf and QQ.net top-level domain.

Lai Linfeng said to the Tencent, the 115 project is one of the strategic focus for the company, is currently in the product base construction and user accumulation phase. Judging from the current market reaction, the overall performance of the 115 projects have exceeded our expectations. However, the use of XP.com and QQ.net two domain names, he did not disclose details.

Lai Linfeng also said that for now is not lack of funds, or lack of promising projects, but the talent pool is also still in poor condition. Our plan to recruit a large number of technical personnel in the early next year, is expected to total more than 100 people, "in order to attract talent, we will give payment options and share excellent talents." (text / Leshan)

Tencent founder Lai Linfeng for science and technology interview record:

Tencent science and technology: the first time you have been active in the forum to publish their photos and mailboxes, based on what idea?

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