Rookie webmaster feel

      feel a little bit of their own site

      counted time is really too soon, it is more than 2 years have passed, and I am from a website for people to understand now utterly ignorant of a site knowledge, although he is still a super rookie, but I still want to make me a little experience from the station the process has been in and is wanted to build a website or website is just friends, but also hope that they can master the exhibitions.

      below I will be divided into several contents to be introduced:

      first, the original intention of the station

      two, program selection and learning;

      three, local debugging method

      four, space problem;

      five, security settings

      six, website promotion

      seven, website survival

      eight, website maintenance

      first, the original intention of the station

      this is your initial idea of building a web site, I think this is very important, especially for the survival of the site. I started as a forum, the idea is to feel a lot of fun, so the Internet to find a forum for a program, someone gave me a foreign 30M of free space, began to establish their own websites. When everything is ask others to help me fix, that is what I do is even FTP and the space is not clear. Now if you just want to play a game, you can try on their own computers, compared to engage in this site is still relatively time-consuming and energy. If you do have this hobby or want to use this to make money (but it seems like it is not so easy to make money), then you need to study hard, maybe look at the following article I will give you some inspiration.

      two, program selection and learning

      for the first time the establishment of the site are generally relatively low level, so must use existing procedures. Now the site has a lot of procedures. Now generally can be divided into 2 categories, one is the forum program, one is the other procedures, >

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