Precision marketing how accurate How to sell

07 years, precision marketing by the industry praise, network marketing product advertising, with the concept of precise dotting the majority of advertisers – but they’re blind, accurate enough? Really can achieve the purpose of marketing?   precision marketing, precision is the means of marketing is the destination. Should do three aspects of the content, first: accurate, accurate information will be displayed in front of the target audience. Second: marketing, information will be displayed in the target audience, to enable the target audience to accept information, produce behavior. Third: feedback, in the behavior of the target audience, but also need to target the audience’s feelings of product service and precise feedback feedback. After the completion of the three elements of a complete accurate marketing.     the current network service providers to provide network products, is still in the conceptual stage, the technology is not mature enough. From the precise point of view, to focus as an example, we examine the dotting in iResearch matching advertisements become net and Alibaba active recruitment games. These ads need to attract the target audience and the target audience is not very close to the audience, the correlation between the two is not very strong. If from the perspective of marketing, whether it is currently more popular or NarrowAD dotting their problems more. They depend on the semantic retrieval is matching system analysis of web content, real-time tracking of user behavior and monitoring system, and the advertisement information is loaded web page text keywords in the audience attention, and mark, text, text, flash, video, and other forms of carousel show, but if the audience doesn’t use a mouse to contact mark words advertising does not automatically show. Although this method reduces the interference of the audience, but only rely on keywords to induce the audience to trigger advertising the show, and most of the audience for this advertising model did not know, and not to trigger awareness, so the effect of this model will be created with a certain chance. But advertising is a kind of network targeted advertising, it is also through the analysis of web content, identify users located in the form of text link advertising articles around. We try to think. Readers to see what is the purpose of advertising, access to the content of the article, not advertising. And this kind of text chain advertising lack of expression. Unable to attract the audience’s attention, usually in the Baidu theme promotion and Google promotion with advertising information buried.                           NarrowAD NarrowAD eyeball and although there are some defects in the technology and mode, and it is not perfect but it is a new attempt, the new direction of China network marketing it. Precision marketing needs more precise marketing, precision is just a means of marketing is the destination.

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