Baidu PC search results are suspected of abnormal mobile search adjustment caused by

A5 station network 6.3 afternoon news: do not know this time in the afternoon we use Baidu search is normal? Many friends have said that Baidu’s problems, even some people say: Baidu hung, Baidu put up! What was causing them to say


understanding of a friend may know that the recent frequent revision of Baidu revision, it is speculated that this problem is likely to be associated with the mobile version, because here shows the HTML version. It is possible that the results of the search will be different from the difference between the client that is displayed (the computer side, showing the PC page, the mobile terminal displays the mobile side of the page, the results are not cross) lead to problems.

has confirmed that Baidu search is indeed a bit of a problem, through the search keywords Baidu home page shows a list of HTML version of the link, open the wrong link. A5 webmaster network immediately feedback to the Baidu webmaster platform of the problem, Baidu webmaster platform that is currently temporarily uncertain cause of the fault, is an emergency repair. The following is a fault screenshot:


latest news reports: Baidu search is now back to normal.


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