Premier Wen’s visit to the Alibaba produced fragmentary thoughts

" an ideal person and an ideal enterprise, have an unyielding soul. The ‘Alibaba’ to open a door for young people, the door may be small, but through this door, the front is the bright future, we must unswervingly take the past. "

the morning of June 25th, is the investigation of the Hangzhou Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao came to the network of Alibaba limited visit, after listening to the enterprise founder and CEO Ma Yun introduction and description of enterprise future blueprint, he eloquently speak such words.

this is Premier Wen’s affirmation and encouragement to Alibaba, let us small sellers also get more encouragement, e-commerce as Ma Yun described, as we opened a door to the light. In fact, many of us have their own life planning and career, entrepreneurial ideals pinned on the Alibaba. This is why this year must take the Taobao store kudong sports supplies franchise stores built. Especially he said "now do not shop, you will regret it after 5 years, leaving their electronic commerce to quickly catch the train Ma, I missed a few chances, this time to do a good job in any case a, I believe that the network shops such as shop entities in high streets and back lanes like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like opening up. Our current e-commerce penetration is not high, our goods and consumer market is so great. I pay more attention to the effectiveness of the network, such as e-commerce, direct services in the economy, like the vegetables to steal food games don’t spread too, that is after work to relax and not have the order reversed. Internet to serve economic construction.

Ma Yun is an ideal, visionary, inspiring entrepreneur. Especially the 98 years of the winter (say again this year proposed consumer, years) I began to feel the flicker, (in fact, they are not very understand the economy, just look through the news media) then the real economic crisis, let me feel a little bit of magic ma. Two IT I always admire is Chen Tianqiao and Ma, is a company, all of what I wanted to do was very clear, is to create a media empire (network Disney), a build e-commerce Kingdom, is a strategic enterprise very xiongtao Ontario home.

now our country to promote the construction of a consumer oriented society, production driven circulation, and circulation also affect production. E-commerce is a leap in the form of circulation, it not only changed the traditional way of circulation, but also promote the development of circulation, and promote the occurrence of consumption. I would like to visit Premier Wen Jiabao Alibaba is also to promote the construction of consumer oriented society. At the same time, Premier Wen encouraged everyone to be honest: " corporate integrity is a core issue, the development of e-commerce must be honest. "


also saw some people say that Ma Yun is a big flicker, it was also the Ma Yun Taobao began to criticize the disguised charges, hit the small sellers, let the seller bigger, small sellers have become more and more difficult, there are a lot of along the road.

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