How do do in the 3 day of the new site P over 1000

today to see many friends talk about the site does not flow problem, a lot of people spent a tremendous effort, the site was ready, so Baidu, GG included a few 3 days to a week, a long is a month, see it included a the first page! Then, like a bolt from the blue, duori enthusiasm was gone to. When the station is not easy ah, as a webmaster is not easy, when a flow, profitable webmaster, is not easy to add

not easy!

some time ago a popular Marx movie station source code, I used the site to see how I say it, in 3 days, the website traffic to thousands of ip.

the first step, the construction site (omitted here 500 words)

completed, with many owners waiting for the record; but we do not idle, waiting for is not enough, now the wine is also afraid of deep alley: Oh) so do the two baidu account (just to do the popular warlords and assembly, opportunity!), an account questions. An account answer. My question is "where there are online movie warlords to watch online address?……" After 10 minutes, someone answered, I use another account to answer, the answer is "(omitted here 30 characters)" {why ellipsis? Oh, know what is my answer, I would not say it?)

second days, around the publicity, by the way to repeat the first day of publicity……

third days, when Baidu search for "energy-saving" when the home page, and 5): this can flow within oh how much I would not say it? What problems should not have thousands of


people say you good luck, was put on the home page, so I tell you, if you don’t do it, how will get this opportunity? I did so only to get this opportunity, if not to do this, the opportunity will be one of


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