Express 100 thousand yuan watch lost do not only pay 500 yuan price

recently, Chu people through the Azores Express City mailed a $98 thousand worth of watches, express mail 2 days later, he told the courier company lost watch, Mr. Zhu claims 5000 yuan was refused. Azores express said, because the courier did not apply for the insured, so can only pay 500 yuan. Lawyers remind mailed valuables to express the value of the goods, and for the insured, or claim consumer rights difficult.

Do not remind the insured courier

in mid August, Mr. Zhu opened tea factory in Panyu District found that his wife was in Hongkong specifically to buy $98000 worth of Rolex mechanical watch watchband loose, he asked to contact the merchant service, Mr. Zhu will let each other watch watch dimensional Park Village to Baiyun District post repair repair point. In August 16th, Mr. Zhu picked up the desk on the Azores courier company phone, through the company’s mail will watch from the Panyu District City Bridge sent to Baiyun District Park Village maintenance point. Usually shipped to express delivery, so did not think."

call shortly after the Azores express courier company to inspect the goods, and with a fist big box when Mr Zhu will watch packaging, and give a receipt. According to Mr. Zhu recalled, the courier did not remind him for the insured, at the same time he is very trust Seoul express company, so at that time did not watch for special price.

express lost to evade non insured

August 17th, speed express customer service staff suddenly call Mr. Zhu, told him that the watch lost in the mail. Mr. Zhu quickly check the progress of the Internet query express, express the last track information for August 17th at 8:32 in the morning Xu, the state is not signed, the reason is to write the other". Mr. Zhu and then contact the Azores express company, ask for at least 5000 yuan compensation, but the courier company to "express not insured" on the grounds, only pay 500 yuan. Tens of thousands of dollars of lost things, only 500 dollars, said Mr. Zhu, even if he (courier) to pay me $5000, when I buy a lesson I also recognized."

the day before yesterday afternoon, Seoul courier company headquarters relevant responsible person said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company, express did not apply in the case of the insured, less than one kilogram of goods only pay 500 yuan. Currently, the Guangzhou Consumer Council has been involved in the investigation and mediation.

‘s voice is not insured to claim

Guangdong Zhengda strategy lawyer Li Boqiao said, customers are required to express the value of the goods in the mail valuables, and for the insured. Lost or damaged goods occurs first in accordance with the "postal law" provisions to pay if the courier company does not conflict with state law, the law also has effect on law. Lee said the lawyer, because Mr. Zhu did not apply for the insured, to ask for some compensation is difficult.

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