Pig CMS heavy launch of the micro business district to apply WeChat business circle in the palm grip

pig CMS heavy launch micro business applications, since in WeChat, high-end atmosphere on the level of shopping mall and reach, combined with group purchase function, clothing, shoes, beauty beauty Dongdong delicacy, fun take minutes.

micro business district with the top of the home page with a slide position, you can place shopping malls pictures or the latest event information. There are three sections below the home slide: shopping malls, business listings and parking.

a, shopping malls: shopping malls, the name of the business district, telephone number, address, route, business details, etc..

two, merchant list page in addition to slide figure, contains three sub sections:

1, the latest addition: you can display the latest shopping mall settled in the name of the business, contact telephone number, shopping malls map and the latest discount information.

2, "by category": all the stores in the market information in accordance with clothing, shoes, bags, food and beverage categories such as the classification of the display (business name, contact phone, shopping map and the latest promotions). WeChat users to browse the page more targeted and purposeful.

3, "according to floor": shopping malls all business information in accordance with the floor to show, for the customer to save the blind homing trouble, easy access to specific businesses, saving time and effort.

note that the micro business applications can be displayed in accordance with the preferences of the page can be selected, the selection of the pig CMS hundreds of templates available for selection, there is always a suitable for you.

three, parking lot. There is a detailed description of the parking information including parking area, the use of each layer, the number of parking spaces, etc., can provide the greatest convenience for driving customers.

addition, micro business applications can also be set up promotional information, event information, as well as buy information and so on, the message is accurate push, so that shopping malls and consumers at any time interconnection. Pig CMS micro district application, the mall easily loaded into mobile phone, mobile shopping city idle away in seeking pleasure together, follow you!

strength team to create the first brand of WeChat marketing, pig CMS, WeChat marketing experts around you.

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