Li Shanyou now marketing advertising don’t be silly

enterprises through personal characteristics attract group of like-minded people, the formation of community, so as to produce commercial value.

"entrepreneur" magazine article / Li Shanyou

columnist introduction:

Li Shanyou: Director of the center for entrepreneurship at CEIBS entrepreneurship Professor, cool 6 network founder

two days before God carved to CEIBS entrepreneurship camp since the beginning of a speech, exposure do carved sirloin to throw about 10000000 yuan, a little taste of the nouveau riche entrepreneur. Within a short time he made such a brand, gather a group of fans. But what did he Chang in marketing costs in the case of a person, also known to all this Huang Taiji did let him some accident. But Huang Taiji carved sirloin and the like, give a person a kind of high force feeling.

this reminds me of Luo Zhenyu said: "the future of all industries are media, everything is advertising." In other words, enterprises rely on third party media advertising, please spokesmen to shape the brand of the times have gone forever. Now, each enterprise itself can have the media attributes, like the traditional sense of the media detonated the topic, do content marketing. Whether you will accept it or not, this time has come. And who can use the media attributes of the enterprise to the extreme, who will be able to occupy the commanding heights in a short time.

The media attribute

but here is not the traditional sense of the media, is refers to the enterprise to produce some social personality, the personality characteristics and help you attract like-minded people. If more popular, is your product or brand to emit a blue. The young white-collar workers sitting in Huang Taiji shop, eat a pancake fruit, drinking tofu curd, willing to pay a mobile phone to take pictures of the sun to the Internet, some people may also sit there and think about life, this is what it. He Chang is the pancake so a very vulgar things, do and the Chinese dream together. In this sense, Huang Taiji has a certain media attributes.

The so-called

tone, you are in the main media attribute value proposition, such as millet, he gives the impression that the fancier love, a little petty, a cock, and a little art. Of course, creating a tune and product quality are inseparable, because the quality is a part of the nature of the media. If the quality is not good, but also out flicker, it is not feasible. This tune bearing medium can be a product, brand or founder. Luo Zhenyu took this tune is defined as the charm of personality to the body, he Chang said it is the third personality.

enterprise once you have this style, can attract a group of fans. In the past, the logic of the enterprise is that the more customers, the better the customer is satisfied. This slogan in most of today is not good, now emphasized that people love you more love, rather than forcing the reluctant people came to your side. Sometimes God will be engraved on his micro-blog fans, many people do not understand, in fact, he is very good in reality. His explanation is, after creating a tune, to play to the extreme, so.

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