Electricity supplier user experience not on the line must be good line

Internet era, whether it is Internet companies or traditional enterprises, we understand the importance of the electricity supplier user experience. With the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s demand for goods and services is not limited to "yes" on the line, but also must be "good".


first, the user experience must be systematic. The user experience is essentially a commodity or service and the relationship between people, it has never been a separate individual or concept, but an important part of the enterprise marketing service ecosystem. Whether it is product design, website display, service mode, payment process, all the details are an organic whole, rather than a randompacking or mechanically. Only fully consider and respect the feelings of the user, the work to achieve excellence, practical, in order to make your goods or services really make people feel natural and comfortable. At the same time, the user experience is not a person or a department of the matter, it is related to the responsibility of all aspects of the enterprise, is a need to solve the problem.

two, the user experience must be practical. Practical and valuable user experience is king. For example, the site’s text is not for people to read, but to read, too tangled up their own design inertia and ignore the user’s reading experience, will only be counterproductive. Only combined with the actual characteristics of goods and services, to find the focus of attention of the user’s real factors, and set it to eye-catching, it is fully able to achieve user diversion and accurate screening, thereby improving the conversion rate of marketing. Happy people believe that the Internet is practical and valuable is the most urgent needs of users, only to fully enhance the value of a commodity or service, clarity and convenience, can more quickly convey information, also can be more perfectly into the environment.

three, the user experience can be new in order to be different. Sometimes it’s more pleasant to make some restrictions. For example, we all know that the post office box, usually set a "local" and "outside" of the two investment will guide the user entrance, the difference between active delivery, not only to do the right thing to cultivate the habit of the user, but also conducive to the classification of postal mail sorting. The same is true of the enterprise, if appropriate to do some restrictions on the actual situation, will give users more convenient and experience, will be more surprising.

four, the user experience a natural transition. As we all know, the most successful marketing often must be combined with the environment. Under normal circumstances, naked advertising or promotion are generally repulsive. However, if the marketing publicity and the target user group practice environment where the daily life or the perfect fusion, and combine regional culture for creative, then you will be easier to get the user’s attention and welcome. Only a good ", let the professional make an unnecessary move" products and services to better serve the user, in order to allow users to feel intimate and thoughtful, but also to get more chances of success.

in the current oversupply situation, the user has more room for choice, good quality products and services naturally favored by users

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