CEO Xie Wenbin the future of dense Amoy sea Amoy business whose world is one year after the outcome

lead: dense Amoy global purchase in May 20th they launched the "520 passion stockpile Festival", sales through 100 million. For the upcoming 618 electricity supplier promotion war, secret Amoy and hit the free trade area of the whole network lowest price slogan.

has just finished promotions in May 20th 520 passion stockpile Festival ", followed by preparing for the upcoming June 18th year-end promotional electricity supplier. Some of the employees in the global market have not even taken a month off. Electricity supplier is like this, you must continue to do activities." Xie Wenbin said CEO.

previously, the media described the Amoy Amoy is a cross-border electricity supplier in the ‘small Jingdong’". The 618, just on the line near the global purchase Jingdong will also join the fray. Pedestria, who can establish their own position in the cross-border electricity market and is looking forward to?.

in the face of the mainstream electricity supplier PK, secret Amoy hit the bonded area of the whole network lowest price slogan. Xie Wenbin said: the lowest price of goods in the bonded area of the whole network, which is the advantage of the benefits of honey Amoy duty-free to consumers. Moreover, the speed of the logistics and experience of honey Amoy ahead of the major electricity supplier platform, we have sufficient strength and confidence to give consumers a better shopping experience."


618 killer

618 for this war, Xie Wenbin is confident: "dare to close Amoy and Jingdong, Tmall,, and other game player parity. Moreover, the honey Amoy promised bonded goods within 3 days of delivery, logistics speed and experience far more than Jingdong and Tmall."

challenge giants why have so much confidence in


first, complete category. In the construction of the supply chain, honey Amoy established a perfect supply system, nearly one hundred thousand pieces of goods goods cover the categories of maternal and child health care products, beauty, clothing, daily necessities, bags, outdoor, Amoy, Han Tao and other thousands of overseas brands. In the past year, honey Amoy in the category to achieve great success in the development, the 618 will also be the whole category war.

second, the lowest price of the whole network. The secret is to take the business model is self mode, through the self bonded warehouse to increase the convenience of cross-border shopping, thus pricing can be free to decide". Compared to the giants settled in the business model, the price can be more dense self willed". In this regard, the secret Amoy even announced a secret Amoy global purchase of explosive goods list, in the list of dense Amoy will compare their prices and Jingdong, the advantage is quite obvious.

third, fast delivery. Because in Zhengzhou built a bonded warehouse of 10 thousand square meters, has formed a set of cross-border bonded logistics service system, the speed of delivery to Amoy close 1-3 days delivery, coupled with the domestic logistics delivery time, users can receive the goods within 7 days. Compared to overseas direct mail 10-20 day arrival time, during 520, achieved the fastest dense Amoy 24 hour service.

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