You do not like to join in the tribute tea tea feast

we all know, in the ancient nobility parties need regular paid tribute to the emperor tributary, which will be the best tribute tea is tea dedicated to the nobility. The purpose of tribute tea is to make every tribute tea consumers are entitled to the treatment of nobility, quality selection, the production process is fine, to love tea is not the same feeling.

tribute tea stores in fresh as a whole concept, emphasizing the on-site production, adding fresh tea elements, innovative research and development of health tea, more tea break barrel model, with professional tea and coffee machine fresh extraction per cup of tea, and the introduction of E equipment, standard measure.

tribute tea join good

tribute tea stores for the traditional desktop production process strict requirements, from making a cup of signs Hot Tea, HK Style is remarkable: is the strict selection of the finest raw tea, brewed after the need to combine the special process of tea tea and milk will be two Tarik to a distance of about 1 meters from the repeated impact, and the number of not less than 7 times, in this process, milk particles due to repeated impact, pull down and broken, the formation of the emulsion state, which can combine with the tea, but also can make tea and milk to get into full play. Such stringent requirements, to be able to modulate a cup of " tea thin milk fat " authentic good taste of table milk tea.

in business at the beginning of the establishment of the tribute tea tea, in view of the management team, currently on the market of tea beverage shop but the quality is uneven in quality, be too numerous to enumerate, want to drink a cup of health, natural and high quality tea, it is easy to find; therefore, the tribute tea tea business for his team to set the highest and the most stringent requirements. To uphold the highest standards of "tribute to the imperial tea", to choose our tea and tea raw materials, a tiny bit are not sloppy, because we take consumers as the "emperor" view.

tribute tea join good

Ding imperial tribute tea is Guangzhou jackfruit brand planning Ltd. group’s key brands, its mature brand chain: Ding imperial tribute tea, jackfruit coffee tea, honey, honey dessert round, store in Malaysia, Britain, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Hongkong and other more than and 10 regions, the global total of more than 1 thousand and 500 chain shop. Acer thick company strength, to provide a strong guarantee for your business.


group the efforts of all my colleagues, "Ding imperial tribute tea" rapid development, China around a "Ding imperial tribute tea" gallop battlefield. By the vast number of consumers blitz. Ding imperial tribute tea to the "customer first, service first" for the purpose of adhering to the "pragmatic, progressive and innovative" business philosophy, to achieve customer satisfaction with services, 101% to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises as the goal, has achieved remarkable results, and won the praise of the community.

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