The analysis of the location and location of the clothing store

want to start a clothing store, especially the clothing retail store is the most critical location and location, a good lot and ready product positioning is half the success. Here is a look at how to open a clothing store to choose a good store and what is the price positioning?

is a lot of good, and does not mean that the lot is expensive, but the location and positioning of the combination of the right, what is what to do business.


is the living area of the old residents, fashion shops are generally not good, it is a good choice, but do low-grade trade shop, general who sell cheap foreign goods shop, most of them are a lot of branch chain, low cost effect so as to achieve the scale of procurement, this kind of general shop owner is the old master for many years experience in garment, receive special factory inventory goods, the goods quality uneven, the loss is great, but this kind of store to attract customers the advantage is the price low enough, the profit margins, run by the amount of. So if you only open a shop, can not scale procurement, generally difficult to profit. Most of our initial entry, all open a single female fashion store, so I do not say this kind of lot. If you consider this kind of store to do a fashion store, advise you to consider.

if it is a new living area, occupancy rate is relatively high, popularity has been formed. If it is a new opening, then try not to consider, the store can not hold so long, no one lived in, it has closed down. Generally more young people in this area, mostly white-collar workers.

Wang Wang’s shop is in such a neighborhood, between the bus station and the cell door, is the only way for many commuters to work. In addition, the surrounding environment is also very important, there is a cafe next to his shop, cake shop, supermarket, beauty salons, etc., in short, the breath of life is relatively strong, so the desire to train customers to buy a great help. Relatively speaking, the other side is not good, close to the real estate companies, and the sale of building materials and hardware stores, where the opening of the clothing store, almost 3 months on the closed. Girls generally go through this place will speed up the pace, not to stay.

in this area around the shop from the decoration to the service must have affinity, moderate price, the most critical thing is better quality goods, do repeat business. Located mainly in the white-collar workers, work wear, work to the party can not go style, very popular, very lovely clothes in line, edition, quality win, generally is the kind of change in a touch of classic. The best price control in 100~250 yuan, of course, some of the fine can also be sold to more than 450, but a few. In addition, Wang also did a lot of homework, such as the observation of the female customers into the store’s body, observe the final turnover of customer preferences, etc.. Observed that although girls are now said to be thin, but is actually more and more fat, good nutrition may be recommended

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