Learn the Chaoshan people do business coup

said the Chaoshan people likely to do business, there they are business minded, this is true? In fact, everyone is very business minded, but some people had not been discovered, many successful businessmen over there in the Chaozhou Shantou, let’s look at what are the way they do business!

"world, both Lee, the world, all profits go to." The Chaoshan people, where there is money, there will still have them to tide, where there is a trendsetter "has no false statement; which high profit industries, this industry will compete for the trendsetter, in their eyes, as long as the money, no matter what to do. In a word, there is no field of business".

Chaoshanese what make money doing what in the shop, is ready to change, flexible to adapt to the market in Shenzhen, I always pay attention to changes in the street pavement, for example, when a new building built, Chaoshan people will unite in a new street opened a series of stores, such as decoration material stores, hardware stores, curtain shop, new homes for families in need, store products and services to complement each other to bring popularity. One or two years after the

, they have Chaozhou Department into a restaurant, make only superficial changes, pharmacy, hair salon. What Chaoshan people make money doing what "non domain operators" concept, to open the shop as a "business information center", Chaoshan people drink Gongfu tea in the store together, they talk about who is often how rich, where there is a lucrative business, is not limited to the store’s business. So, Chaoshan people fortune is often open a shop when the use of information as a "big deal" and the completion of the primitive accumulation.

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