What are the modes of tea

tea is a favorite drink of many friends, if you want to open a tea shop, you need a lot of thinking. So, open milk tea shop, the brand milk tea to join what mode? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

milk tea specifically refers to the use of tea brand headquarters to provide the use of trademark, technology transfer, brand use, marketing, market maintenance, follow-up support and other services, milk tea shop to join what mode to choose good? Franchisee to pay the fee to join the use of milk tea brand headquarters to provide these services. The two sides are a contractual business cooperation!

according to the existing market analysis and brand headquarters to join the program, milk tea can be broadly divided into three models,

The first kind of

: single store franchise model, the franchisee to pay to use the service brand headquarters, tea shop to join what mode? And in a city or place to open a tea shop. Enjoy a certain range of trade protection and after-sales service.

second: milk tea shop to choose what mode? The regional agency model, the franchisee to pay to use the service brand headquarters, and limited the number of single store opened in the agency area, and have the right to use the investment area.

third: the joint venture model, the two sides jointly funded the creation of the same store, or investment in the same region, jointly managed by the two sides and the joint distribution of profits.

milk tea shop to choose what mode? Because tea headquarters investment demand, they are all ready, such as brand promotion, packaging, trademark registration, procurement of raw materials, technical support and so on, so as long as the franchisee pays a fee to enjoy the services provided by the headquarters of tea. Especially suitable for small entrepreneurs, reduce detours, as well as some very complicated matters. So that franchisees can quickly shop, fast profit. The ultimate goal of win-win situation!

with the development of the market and improve the level of consumption and health awareness and other factors, the tea industry has been gradually phased out low-end brands, tea shops to choose what mode is good? High-end brand development. Because of the increasingly high demand for raw materials, quality testing more and more stringent. Milk tea shop is not only good to drink tea, but also health and environmental protection. The street tea shop, is to use powder not only modulation, poor taste, but not health, of course the price is cheap. But now the high-end brand milk tea shop are using natural jam or fresh fruit juice to modulate the product.

above is about the introduction of some models of milk tea, I hope that we should pay more attention to this, only the choice of a good tea brand, so as to better shop. Tea to join a variety of models, I hope you will be a lot of time to shop, a lot of thinking.

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