Shangrao three group of Sizhou fire safety assessment

2 8 in the morning, Shangrao city departments in-depth investigation appraisal Sizhou 2016 annual fire protection, accompanied by the Dexing municipal government office, city fire brigade, sizhoutou town and other departments responsible. With the help of the assessment team, we can bring more work guidance.

assessment team by listening to the reports, access to information, the scene asked in a variety of ways, the focus of the town in 2016 the implementation of fire safety responsibility, task completion and fire control work in fire prevention and control work carried out inspection and evaluation.

assessment team of the town’s fire safety work to give full recognition, that the town leaders attach great importance to the fire safety work done solid, effective measures. At the same time, the assessment team hope town continue to focus on the fire safety work, organize the "look back", do the inspection, rectification and acceptance of the dynamic closed-loop management, to ensure that risks really eliminated, promote the town fire protection work to a new level.

Through the investigation of the

fire control work, can further enhance the level of fire control work, do a good job of fire safety work, increase the fire hazard investigation and remediation efforts to build a strong foundation for fire safety, as the town’s economic and social development escort, let more feel the happiness and warmth of a harmonious society.

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